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KeyBS in Angola

KeyBS has entered into a Franchise Agreement with PortInvest in Angola on August 2015. As part of this mutual agreement, PortInvest will be the exclusive franchisee for KeyKIOSK and KeyPOS in Angola.

KeyBS & Portinvest will install 100 KIOSK and 150 KeyPOS during the first year to cater the automated payment services requirements of the Angolan market. Clients can find KeyKIOSK and KeyPOS machines in public environment like Supermarkets, hypermarket, malls, financial institutions, and other public places.

KeyKIOSK “TOKAKI” is the first automated payment KIOSK in Angola which offers, caters and serves the Angolan market with an automated payment services such as Domestic & International mobile top ups, TV and net subscription, Bus card top-up…etc

In addition to that there are a lot of gift card vouchers available on KeyKIOSK “Tokaki” which anables customers to purchase them as gift for family, friends...etc.

KeyBS Angola is the first gateway for KeyKIOSK and KeyPOS to enter African market and countries which are providing the most simple and advanced way of automated payment processing tools.