KeyBS and PIE deliver first self-service Government kiosks and initiate Tam-Dinar Project in Bahrain

KeyBS "and their sole partner in Bahrain - PIE have launched Government KIOSKs and TAM Dinar project for the Bahrain Government institutions. The Government KIOSK which is located at different government institutions, and at airport, is a self-service machine designed to facilitate ease of payments for Government services and act as a source of information for Bahrain residents and visitors.

The TAM-Dinar project is an electronic payment service that eliminates cash payments at the government by a TAM-Dinar receipt dispensed from KeyKIOSK "TAMhere", allowing payments at the various government institutions with no cash interaction with government officials.

The installation of self-serving machines is a first of its kind project in Bahrain as it will eliminate cash management, and reduce government operational cost; curtailing traffic and queue lines as well as reducing the cash handling and replacing them with an electronic payment channel which is available 24/7."

Twenty facilities were launched through the Government KIOSK such like Electricity and Water payments, Vehicle Registration renewal, traffic contravention, and issuing student's certificates.

The Government KIOSK has been installed across numerous locations in Bahrain - Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Electricity and Water authority, Bahrain Airport, General Directorate of Nationality Passports and residence, and Bahrain Post and on a later stage will be installed in strategic locations in commercial entities - shopping malls and centers.