KeyBS' 5th Anniversary Celebration

On the auspicious occasion of KeyBS’ Fifth Anniversary, we would like to express our gratitude to all partners, customers, employees and the management for their cooperation and assistance. This promising journey towards its accomplishment would not have been possible without your support and trust.

KeyBS commenced its journey in 2012 with a concept which we all believed was viable and achievable. The entire team then, worked diligently to build and install the first KeyKiosk and KeyPOS solutions in 2013. Following the effective realization, we then through our trusted partners have now expanded and established our footprints in various countries in the region and abroad, such as: Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Angola.

We have not only installed KeyKiosk and KeyPOS service solutions in these countries but have also introduced additional new products besides services, like; KeyEVD, KeyMobile, e-government etc…

Customer satisfaction and trust is at the heart of our philosophy, which we persistently continue to practice in our daily work through the innovation as well as introduction of new products, services, technology and tools to better service our partners plus the ultimate end users.

Our core objective this year and on continued basis is to geographically expand our footprint while maintaining our focus on customer satisfaction plus introduction of new products, services and technology to better service our clients. We in this regard are delighted to share with you a video which summarizes our last 5 years of success.