KeyBS NewsLetter

KeyBS New Branding

KeyBS has achieved a remarkable success and penetration in GCC and Africa during 2015 and as a result of this success KeyBS is started the new year 2016 by defining its new strategies and goals. As a part of this new strategies KeyBS is created a new identity presented by the new logo and website. Our new smart logo is reflecting our vision and goals, we keep using the same colors “blue and orange”, blue is reflecting honesty, trust, and dependability where orange is a color of adventure which inspires and creates enthusiasm. The blue and orange dots tringle means association with power, science and law. read more...

Karwa service is available on KeyKIOSK Qatar

KeyBS and KBS Qatar are glad to announce the launching of Karwa/ Mowasalat mastercard recharge service in Qatar. It is a service which allows Karwa master card holders in Qatar to top-up their cards using KeyKIOSK which is accessible in different locations in Qatar. Karwa smart card is an electronic card that can be charged in order to enable the card holder to use and pay for the public transportation (bus) in Qatar. As one of the most advanced service provider and Systems Integrator Company, KeyBS is continuously working hard to innovate & develop new products and services to cope up with the market demands of high end services in order to provide the excellent service and satisfies the customers need.

KeyBS launched the graphical reports on KeyTMS

As a part of the continuous development on our products, KeyBS has launched the graphical reports on KeyTMS. KeyTMS is our monitoring, controlling and reporting tool, it is web based application used to enriched, transform and manage all data feeds into the workflow. So many reports can be generated from KeyTMS which allow the user to monitor and control the sales and cash collection process. A lot of these reports are available now in graphic view “column, Pie, line…etc” which is a fruitful tool used in reports and sales analysis.