KeyBS NewsLetter

Bahrain Health Minister has launched the E-birth Service on E-government KIOSK

Bahrain Health Minister "MS. Faeqa Bint Saeed Al-Saleh" in collaboration with the Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA) has launched the "Request for Birth Certificate' e-service" on E-government KeyKIOSK. E-birth service is a service that enables Bahraini citizens from registering the birth certificate request for their new borns on the E-government KeyKIOSK which is located in the hospital itself. The parents can make the registration request, add their address and pay the fees then the certificate will be done and delivered to their place within five working days.

Bahrain E-Government KIOSK is a project provided by KeyBS and PIE to Bahrain government in order to facilitate the Government services through an automated channel. The KIOSKs are located in Government institutions, airport, hospitals, university...etc. in order to facilitate many services like, electricity and water payments, traffic Contraventions payment, Vehicle Registration Renewal, Driving License Renewal, Tracking of Postal Packages, Travel Ban Enquiry, E-birth and lot of other payments.

Launching new products on KeyKIOSK

KeyBS has announced launching of new gift vouchers products which are Netflix, Gameforge, mCoinz, nexon, league of Legends and Ncoin. These services are live now on KeyKIOSK where a customer can get voucher with a pin code that enables him to recharge his online account; moreover a lot of gift vouchers products which were available on KeyKIOSK for recharging the US accounts like iTunes & Google play...etc ; are available now for recharging the UK account as well.KeyBS as usual is caring of the customers' demands and working for having as much requested services as it can be on KeyKIOSK.

launching KeyEVD Solution at Vodafone agents in Qatar

KeyBS has announced launching KeyEVD solution at Vodafone locations in Qatar, the solution was installed on POS machines in many locations at Vodafone agent merchants.

KeyEVD solution is a solution which facilitate selling the pre-paid lines credits in an automated way which is replaced the old manual way of selling credits through physical vouchers. The solution is to be downloaded on POS machines at the telecom agent's shops where the agent can sell the credits through doing a fast transaction on the POS machine and provide the customer with a receipt included pin code which is used to recharge the pre-paid line.

KeyBS Family Iftar Gathering

On the occasion of holy month of Ramadan KeyBS management had invited the team for iftar. It was a very warm gathering where all employees had Iftar as one family and enjoy their time together.