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Key Kiosk Solutions

KeyKIOSK is a self-servicing machine designed to be used by many different people, and is often optimized for remote control and management. These machines are deployed in public venues to give people self service access to do payments for different kind of services. It can be used for Automated Payments, Money Transfer, and Mobile Top up services. KeyKiosk significantly speeds up processing time for any type of transaction remittance quickly and conveniently.

KeyKIOSK comes in different designs , shapes, sizes, and it can be customized as per the customers and business requirements. KeyKIOSK provides so many automated payment services like International and Domestic mobile Top-up, International and Domestic Utility bill payment, E-government services, Prepaid card top ups, gift vouchers, bus tickets, and TV and Internet payments…etc KeyKiosk screens supported different languages.

KeyKIOSK as a solution is combined of KeyKIOSK application “KeyClient” and KeyTMS and can be integrated with many online services, informative service, and payment options through KeyBS middle ware

Kiosk Software

KeyClient : KeyClient Application is the Software which will be installed on the KIOSK Machine. It contains multi modules which will be installed as per the business requirements. The modules are Payment, Checking Peripherals, Listener, Encryption, Parsing, Connection Manager, Logging, and Database.

  •   Support Multi Languages (10 Language Available now), like Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu …etc.
  •   Upgradable and Controlled Remotely.
  •   Flexible Payment Options (Cash, Card and Voucher)
  •   Integrated advertisement module.
  • KeyClient Technical Sheet

Kiosk Terminal Management System

KeyTMS Suite : KeyTMS suite is a solution which includes 5 modules and can be implemented together or separately:

  •   Terminal Management System Drive.
  •   Middle Ware.
  •   Web Portal.
  •   E-Voucher.
  •   Data Base.
  • More About KeyTMS
KIOSK hardware parts

KeyBS is dealing with the most advanced & professtional partners of interactive KIOSK in the world. Thus; KeyBS providing the following:

  •   The best parts, professtional painting and materials.
  •   User Friendly design and High quality level performance machines
  •   Different types of machines like the lobby type, wall machines, standing or bolted on the floor and can make wheels to move it.
  •   All KIOSK types that can be used for bill payments, E-payments, Ticketing, banking, transportation, retail and Airport services.

Download Hardware Sheet

KeyBS is providing multi designs for KIOSKs and can customize a new KIOSK design according to client needs and requirements. Our KIOSKs are available in different types, In-lobby, Through Wall machines, Indoor and Outdoor Specs.


KeyBS is providing so many designs like the below sample, in addition to that KeyBS can implement any new design based on the business needs and requirements.

Avaliable Kiosk Designs

KeyKIOSK is accessible in different areas in hundreds locations in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Angola. It is available in crowded places like supermarkets, hypermarket, exchange houses, malls, and other public environment.

As per our survey, millions of people per year is using KeyKIOSK for their payments & business transactions and it dramatically reaches a huge coverage where more than billion people is being able to view the Keykiosk screen annually.

KeyKIOSK advertisement screen is a popular choice for advertisement and a very effective way in reaching potential clients. It is designed for displaying advertising images & videos that the customer can access to information, entertainment and commerce applications while preceding the transaction.

If you are interested to advertise on the KeyKIOSK Advertisement Screen, please fill the application