KeyBS Angola

KeyBS has entered into a franchise agreement with PortInvest in Angola. As part of this contract Portinvest will be the exclusive franchisee for KeyKIOSK and KeyPOS in Angola, we will install 100 KIOSK and 150 KeyPOS during the first year.

KeyKIOSK “Tokaki” is the first automated payment KIOSK in Angola, and will offer so many services such as Domestic & International mobile top-ups, money transfer as well as Domestic utility bill payments and International utility bill payments to China, UK, Portugal and many other countries, add to this that people in Angola can book their bus tickets through KeyKIOSK.

KeyBS presence In Angola is the first step for KeyBS to enter Africa market, and for sure it will contribute in facilitating the automated payment & remittance services in Africa which becomes a need in African market.