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About KeyCMS Suite

KeyCMS Suite is a full Pre-Paid card solution designed especially for financial institutions to manage their Payroll Card, Remittance Card, Student Card, Gift Card and any other Pre-Paid Card type. Also it is integrated with UAE WPS and it can be managed dispersal and withdrawal.

KeyCMS Suite contains 5 main modules which can be implemented together or separately:

  •   Card Management System.
  •   ATM Drive.
  •   POS dive.
  •   Middle Ware.
  •   Card Issuance System.

With KeyBS implementation capabilities, KeyBS can build KeyCMS suite Solution to apply the customer requirements, starting from a (close loop) solution like what we have in the UAE for salaries payments which integrated with the UAE Wages Protection System (WPS), this solution is currently used by many exchange houses in the UAE. Also we can integrate our system with the national switch of any country to allow our cards to be acceptable to all the local ATM, POS and online payments (open loop). We are implementing this in Zimbabwe now.