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  Full mobile application solution:

  We are specialized in providing out of the box Mobile Apps for leading platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS, Blackberry and others. Our goal is to create an amazing user experience with a solid app brand & personality, which can succeed in the marketplace, coupled with powerful, eye-catching app marketing

 We have expertise in custom mobile application software development and have experience in developing Mobile Applications for various devices using latest techniques for all major platforms like Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows platform

 All our apps are user friendly and have speedy loading times and spot on screen resolutions which we consider as integral part of our app development strategy.

 Traffic’s team of dynamic developers are fully equipped with the most latest mobile application development solutions and offer you an absolute torrent of mobile web services.

 KeyMobile apps can be one of the channels which allows the clients to access his accounts, pay bills, and transfer funds through the mobile device anytime and anywhere. It is compatible with all types of smartphone, iPhone®, iPod® Touch, iPad®, Android™ and any kind of mobile devices

KeyBS can provide this service to any mobile app on different sectors:

KeyBS has entered into a strategic agreement with Vodafone Qatar, The agreement will enable Vodafone to facilitate ease of E-vouchers distribution for its customers through the KeyBS'system KeyEVD.

KeyEVD solution is E-voucher distribution system which is designed especially for Telecom sector, the system can be installed on POS machine and distributed in the telecom branches and agents shops in order to facilitate the pre-paid voucher selling by doing the transaction on the POS machine and getting the E-voucher receipt “including the PIN code” then use this pin code to recharge the pre-paid lines. KeyEVD is very advanced solution which is replaced the manual way of dealing with physical scratched cards.