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KeyBS has announced strategic partnership with Vodafone in Qatar

KeyBS has announced its strategic partnership with Vodafone in Qatar. The agreement will enable Vodafone to facilitate ease of E-vouchers distribution for its customers through the KeyBS' system KeyEVD "E-voucher distribution System" that will be available across Vodafone agents in Qatar.

KeyBS will provide the POS machines equipped with the E-Voucher software "KeyEVD" which will be distributed across Vodafone branches and distributors shops. KeyEVD solution is designed especially for Telecom Sector in order to facilitate the E-voucher distributions in an advanced and automated way in the market.

the solution is secured to manage the E-voucher pins from the server side and send it to the POS machines for printing using both online or/and offline mode. KeyEVD supports numerous types of reports like sales, stock, reconciliation..etc on both the server side for Vodafone and Vodafone distributors, and the POS machine side for the merchants.

The E-Voucher software is 100 per cent in-house developed by KeyBS, is the ingenious software that will replace scratch-off cards with an alternative automated channel in the Qatar market. Furthermore, the Dubai tech giant will provide software integration for all leading supermarket chains to include Vodafone's E-Voucher Distribution System on their existing POS machines.