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Mohammad Hisham Al-Azzeh


Mr. Mohammed Hisham Al-Azzeh brings a wealth of experience from our sister company Workers Equity Holding (WEH) where he worked as a manager in charge of key projects including ground-breaking innovations such as employee ATM remittance transfer and mobile top-up systems.

A Jordanian national with fluent Arabic and English skills, Mr. Al-Azzeh graduated from high school in Amman before taking a BSc in computer science at the Princess Sumayah University there. He spent three years as a Web Developer and team leader for the Jordanian representative of @Your Service Inc., a global ICT service-based organization specializing in the provision of ‘e’ services and automation solutions.

Mr. Al-Azzeh moved to Dubai to join WEH where he spent four years developing budget control, print management, time attendance and management, flat brokerage, membership and accounting systems, as well as websites and other major projects.

At KeyBS, Al Azzeh is one of the team who establishes KeyBS, as development and operation director Al Azzeh is responsible of all the development process in the company, he is the one who is managing the development of the new products and services and extending the company’s profile through the GCC and African countries with government organizations, financial institutions, credit and debit card operators, telecoms companies, shopping malls and others involved with key card management systems, loyalty cards, cashless transactions, ATM and other payment portal.

Currently Al Azzeh is holding the position of KeyBS director, he is the person who is managing all the development, operation, sales and marketing activities in the company.