Launching new products on KeyKIOSK

KeyBS is preparing the needed requirements and development for launching new government services on KeyKIOSK in UAE. One of these services is NOL card top-up, it is a service that enables the customers from top-uping and recharging the NOL card and using it for transportation payments such as Bus, metro and salik.

Another service will be provided to Dubai residents which is the fines payments where customers can have an access on KeyKIOSK to do and pay their fines. Moreover Abu Dhabi residents will make use of the highly requested service "the utility bill payments" which will allow them to do their electricity and water payments through KeyKIOSK.

KeyBS aims to effectively contribute in smart transformation of UAE by providing a smart channel (KeyKIOSK) which is facilitating the payments of different services on one machine as well as KeyBS seeks to encourage customers to shift to automated payments channels of bills so as to save time and effort instead of visiting many service providers branches and offices.