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Happiness Bank Successful Story

Happiness Bank is a bank where you’re dealing with happiness points instead of cash, it is an innovation created by Ms. Amna Al Bedwawi “from E-government Development Department in Telecommunication Regulatory Authorization”, the goal of this project is to encourage employees to practice gratitude and to spread and share Happiness with their colleagues within the work environment.

The idea has been sent to Sheikh Muhammed Bin Rashid Centre for government Innovation and it was shortlisted as one of the best 10 ideas participated in Afkari exhibition 2016 “sponsored by his highness Sheikh Muhammed Bin Rashid , the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai”.

Happiness Bank was developed and implemented successfully through KeyBS at TRA “Telecommunication Regulatory Authority” in Dubai. It is a KIOSK platform and mobile application where employees could express and share happiness and gratitude with their colleagues in the same institution through a lot of services/options available on the Happiness Bank such as send happiness cheque, happiness message and nominate Happiness employee of the month.

Happiness Bank project was presented and rewarded at the Happiness Forum held by Dubai Municipality at Dubai Children city as a successful project participated in spreading Happiness in the Emirate.