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  Mobile Post Paid Payment  Mobile Post Paid Payment

Paying mobile post paid bill through KeyKiosk is the quickest & most convenient service which enables the customers to pay their mobile post paid bills in just a few simple steps.

  Mobile Prepaid E-voucher  Mobile Prepaid E-voucher

Mobile Pre-paid E-voucher is a service which enables the user to get the PIN Voucher in order to recharger the mobile prepaid lines.

  Utility Bill Payments  Utility Bill Payments
Domestic :

This is a service offered to our keykiosk customers which enables them to pay their utility bills such as electricity and water consumption in the country where they are currently residing.

International Utility bill payment

Paying International Utility bill is made convenient through the International Utility bill payment service which enables the expat customers in GCC to pay their bills, insurance, tickets, and school fees in their home countries using the keykiosk machine.

  E-Government Payments  Automated Government services

This service enables customers to electronically settle their dues for various government services in a secure manner. This service allows both corporate and individual customers to automate payment for government services through electronic channels for the public and the business community to have an efficient and comfortable mechanism for instant payment of government fees.

  Fines Payment  Fines Payment

KeyKIOSK is providing a channel where the customer can do and pay the fines payment easily and smoothly..

  E-currency Voucher  E-currency Voucher

Keykiosk provide E-currency voucher service which enables customers to regularly recharge for auto-payment of the government services and it also allows control over the minimum balance and maximum payment/ recharge in addition to optimization of the multiple accounts which allows users to support multiple accounts for any government services.

  Prepaid cards/account top-up (SALIK/CashU)  Prepaid cards/account top-up (SALIK/CashU)

This service enables customers to top up their prepaid cards like Salik and pre-paid accounts like CashU.

  Gift Vouchers  Gift Vouchers

Through gift vouchers, customers can recharge their online gaming account like Steam & Minecraft. They can also recharge their US accounts on Google play, iTunes, Facebook, Skype and a lot of other similar products. These products are available on different denominations on different channels like KeyKIOSK, KeyPOS, Mobile Apps and Web portals.

  VOIP Cards   VOIP Cards

Through this VOIP Card service, it allows the customers to get a call card which offers international calls in less cost as it’s used through an IP. With the use of VOIP Card the customer can get phone call service delivered through an Internet connection which obviously offer lower rates than the normal telecom network.

  Credit Card Payment  Credit Card Payment

This service allows customers to pay their credit card payment using KeyKIOSK for an easy and automated payment. Our network is covering all banks in UAE.

  TV Subscription  TV Subscription

Keykiosk customers can conveniently pay their TV subscription and payments in the local country, Expat can also pay their DTH subscription for their accounts in their home country as well.

  Internet Subscription  Internet Subscription

Payment and recharging internet subscription was made simple where customer can pay their internet subscription account through Keykiosk machine.

  Bus Ticket   Bus Ticket

One of the latest Keykiosk payment service which enables the customers to easily top up their transportation card for their bus tickets.

  Transportation Card Top Up   Transportation Card Top Up

KeykIOSK also offers service that enables the customers to conveniently and easily recharge their transportation card through Keykiosk machine.