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KeyBS in Qatar

KeyBS has entered into a Franchise Agreement with KBS Qatar in June 2014. As a part of this mutual understanding, KBS Qatar will be the exclusive franchisee of KeyKIOSK and KeyPOS in Qatar.

KeyKIOSK and KeyPOS machines are providing various automated payment services that will cater the requirements of Qatar market which are available in public environment like Supermarkets, hypermarket, malls, financial institutions, and other public places to respond to customers demands of automated payment services .

Qatar customers will be enjoying the convenience of automated payment services such as Mobile top-up (Domestic/International), Pre-Paid Mobile E-voucher, Remittance, International Utility Bill Payments, CashU account top-up, Gift Vouchers, in addition to the newly added service which is the Transportation card Top-Up (Karwa SmartCard).

  KeyEVD Project:  

KeyBS has entered into a strategic agreement with Vodafone Qatar, The agreement will enable Vodafone to facilitate ease of E-vouchers distribution for its customers through the KeyBS'system KeyEVD.

KeyEVD solution is E-voucher distribution system which is designed especially for Telecom sector, the system can be installed on POS machine and distributed in the telecom branches and agents shops in order to facilitate the pre-paid voucher selling by doing the transaction on the POS machine and getting the E-voucher receipt “including the PIN code” then use this pin code to recharge the pre-paid lines. KeyEVD is very advanced solution which is replaced the manual way of dealing with physical scratched cards.

  KeyEVD Project:  

KeyBS has entered into an agreement with Intertec "Ooredoo distributer in Qatar" in 2014 in order to provide Intertec with KeyEVD solution. KeyEVD system was installed on POS machines in Intertec locations shops where merchants can sell the mobile Pins through E-voucher instead of physical voucher.