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KeyBS in U.A.E

KeyBS was founded and established in 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a member of Al Arabi Holdings. A Dynamic Solution Provider & Systems Integrator Company which headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

KeyBS story started in UAE, where Our KIOSKs, POS, Mobile App and Web network has been designed, implemented, and supplied to our partners.

The first KIOSK and POS machines were installed in Dubai and with the incredible hard work and dedication of the entire team which focused on supporting and growing our customer base network; we dramatically increased it and reached now more than 400 KIOSKs and POS machines in UAE which are available in Supermarket, malls, exchange house and other public places.

UAE customers are enjoying a wide variety of services which were offered by our KIOSK and POS channels like domestic and international mobile top-up and Pre-Paid Mobile E-Voucher. They also benefited the convenience of recharging their Salik Card and their CashU accounts through our Kiosks.

Aside from our ability to settle the payment of credit cards on Keykiosk machine, we also have the capability in providing our UAE customers the most simple and advanced way to manage their automated payment requirements such as the International Bill Payments, Gift Vouchers, VOIP Cards (Hello/Five), in addition to the automated Remittance.

Moreover, apart from KeyKIOSK & KeyPOS, KeyBS is providing various services to several financial institutions in UAE as well, such as International Mobile Top-up service and Gift Vouchers on Mashreq and C3 mobile applications.

We also provide KeyCMS Suite solution to several financial entities by offering the Payroll Management System Cards to small & medium start-up companies for their staff salaries.





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